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Climate Change
Guardian (UK), 2017-06-23
It could have been the edge of the Sahara or even Death Valley, but it was the remains of a large orchard in the hills above the city of Murcia in southern Spain last year. The soil had broken down into fine white, lifeless sand, and a landscape of rock and dying orange and lemon trees stretched into the distance
Live Mint, 2017-06-23
London: Climate change may negatively impact the sea turtle population, as warmer temperatures could lead to higher numbers of females and increased nest failure, scientists have warned.
Guardian (UK), 2017-06-23
Antarctica boasts a great many superlatives: it is the driest continent, the coldest, the remotest, the windiest and the highest on average. Right now, during midwinter, it is also the darkest.
allAfrica.com, 2017-06-23
Seychelles is putting climate change issues higher on the national agenda through strengthened cooperation and increased involvement with all partners in the process, a top official said.
Huffington Post, 2017-06-23
On Feb. 26, 2008, a $9-million underground seed vault began operating deep in the permafrost on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, just 810 miles from the North Pole. This high-tech Noah’s Ark for the world’s food varieties was intended to assure that, even in a worst-case scenario, our irreplaceable heritage of food seeds would remain safely frozen.
Endangered Species
New York Times, 2017-06-23
HELENA, Mont. — After 42 years on the endangered species list, the Yellowstone grizzly bear — whose numbers have grown to more than 700 from fewer than 150 — will lose its protected status, the Interior Department announced on Thursday.
Forest Biodiversity
Mongabay (India), 2017-06-23
The rhino breeding center near the entrance to Danum Valley Conservation Area sits like an oasis of calm against the cacophony of beeps, woots and zaps of the surrounding jungle.
CIFOR, 2017-06-23
Brazil - Land-use change represents more than 60 percent of Brazil’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and the Amazon accounts for 65.2 percent of that amount, according to government figures, although those numbers are sometimes contested.
Deccan Chronicle, 2017-06-23
Concerned over the degradation of forests and to improve the quality of rainforests officials and ecologists attached to the Tirunelveli forest division are now working on recent satellite images and research papers dating back to 1970s.
Health and Biodiversity
TIME, 2017-06-23
Happiness isn't the only emotion that can help you stay healthy as you age. How excited, amused, proud, strong and cheerful you feel on a regular basis matters, too.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Phys.org, 2017-06-23
It's one of the tiniest organisms on Earth, but also one of the most abundant. And now, the microscopic marine bacteria called Prochlorococcus can add one more superlative to its list of attributes: It evolves new kinds of metabolites called lanthipeptides, more abundantly and rapidly than any other known organism.
BBC News, 2017-06-23
We’ve all heard of chameleons, squid and octopus using pigments to blend in with their surroundings, but what about becoming completely invisible? To become actually see through, and appear as if you aren’t there, you need to either allow light to travel through you unimpeded, or bend light around you - so that none reflects back at an observer. It’s a tricky task, but some animals are almost there.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation
CBC (Canada), 2017-06-23
The world's largest environmental network says Canada falls far short of protecting its marine resources compared to other developed countries.
Research and Science
National Observer, 2017-06-23
It was a Tuesday in early February 2015 when Sylvie Gravel walked into her colleague Paul Makar’s office carrying printouts that would mystify both of them. The two scientists at Environment and Climate Change Canada were staring at computer model forecasts of ozone gas. Up in the Earth’s atmosphere, the ozone layer helps block harmful ultraviolet radiation. But closer to the surface, the reactive gas has been linked to health problems and smog, so the federal government department monitors it in air quality forecasts.
Pulse Headlines, 2017-06-23
A new study published Thursday in the journal Science explains why bird eggs come in different shapes and sizes. It says that this happens because eggs are shaped according to the birds’ flight behavior.
BBC News, 2017-06-23
Chimpanzees in Uganda may have changed their hunting strategy in response to being watched by scientists. While studying the animals, researchers documented very different hunting habits of two closely neighbouring chimp "tribes".
United Nations
The Epoch Times, 2017-06-23
President of the United Nations General Assembly, Peter Thomas, welcomed a delegation from Italy to the UN North Lawn Garden on June 1, where they will be taking up permanent residence.
Nyoooz, 2017-06-23
Kerala Biodiversity Park, a joint initiative of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board and the Science and Technology Museum, is all set to open in Thiruvananthapuram in August. Kerala can soon boast a unique park profiling its rich biodiversity
ABC (Australia), 2017-06-23
The Mountain Swainson-pea (Swainsonia recta) was once widely found in the state. However, domestic livestock grazing, clearance of land, and fertiliser use over time has dwindled the known population to just four plants that were struggling to survive in one small corner of the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park.
CTV (Canada), 2017-06-23
The St. Lawrence River is now officially considered an historic site. Premier Philippe Couillard designated the waterway as historic Thursday as he admired the view from aboard the Louis-Jolliet during a morning cruise. “It's unique in the world. What you see behind is probably one of the most beautiful views in Quebec. This waterway is one of the most important in the world,” he said.


Climate Change
Quartz, 2017-06-22
The world’s most popular coffee bean, arabica, is under threat in the country where it was first found.
Aljazeera, 2017-06-22
Khartoum, Sudan - She's seen it before. The images of dry, cracked lands; dead trees; animal corpses; hungry children and lines of people waiting for food assistance are not new to her. The current drought and resulting food crisis affecting millions across the Horn of Africa are painful reminders of the importance of her work.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
CBC (Canada), 2017-06-22
Hawk and dog demonstrations, nature walks, and wood carving will all be a part of Charlottetown's first Duck Day, sponsored by Ducks Unlimited.
Endangered Species
Phys.org, 2017-06-22
A team of scientists led by the Universities of Leicester and East Anglia are leading research to protect wildlife by using satellite data to identify monkey populations that have declined through hunting.
Independent Online (South Africa), 2017-06-22
The fight for the survival of the African wild dog has been bolstered through the help of game farmers, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and concerned community members in Limpopo. With only 5000 African wild dogs left in Africa and fewer than 500 in South Africa, the EWT successfully relocated three endangered female African wild dogs from an area of potentially high carnivore conflict in Limpopo to safety in the Waterberg region.
Forest Biodiversity
Act Media, 2017-06-22
The first-ever United Nations Summit on Oceans, which took place in New York on 5-9 June, has reached a global agreement to reverse the decline of the ocean’s health, with more than 1,300 pledged actions for protecting the ocean and the adoption of a 14-point Call for Action to conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas and marine resources.
Health and Biodiversity
allAfrica.com, 2017-06-22
The American writer, Sidney Sheldon, the seventh-best-selling fiction author of all time, once advised his readers, "Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived." These days, let alone making the earth a better place, man could not even preserve what is there when he arrives; he rather continues to deteriorating it.
Invasive Alien Species
Malta Today, 2017-06-22
The University-based Conservation Biology Research Group has confirmed the presence of the an invasive alien fresh water species, the red swamp crayfish, at Chadwick Lakes, while warning of the implication it has for biodiversity.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Mongabay (India), 2017-06-22
JAKARTA — The Indonesian government can’t restore one of the country’s best coral reefs until it strikes a compensation deal with the insurer of the cruise line that wrecked it, the deputy coordinating maritime minister said this week.
ABC (Australia), 2017-06-22
"Somewhere between a quarter and a third of all marine species have some part of their lifecycle in a coral reef."So if we wipe out coral reefs, we are going to crash the ecologies of the oceans. It is that serious."

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